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He said the Colorado is still a rugged pickup which can handle everything in its class. He sees common buyers of the Colorado being everyone from younger individuals to early retirees. The box is not quite as high in the Colorado compared to other pickups which makes loading and unloading easier. In addition, the Colorado can be purchased with a crew cab or extended crew cab for carrying passengers.

Three Corvettes sold in ‘14

On the other end of the sporty spectrum from these vehicles is the Corvette. A year ago at this time Johnson was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first newly designed Corvette at Vogel Chevrolet. It came—and then it went, as did two others sold by Vogel Chevrolet during 2014. Another one of the exceptionally stylish and powerful Corvettes is scheduled to arrive at Vogel Chevrolet this spring, so watch for it to be displayed inside or outside the dealership—at least until that one is sold as well.

Along the same lines of slightly exotic vehicles, the electric Chevrolet Volt made a big splash when it came out about four years ago, then just as quickly talk quieted. “Overall, that’s been a good solid car for us,” Johnson said. As a person might expect, Chevrolet has continued to tweak the Volt and now a new and much more advanced version will be hitting the streets in the third quarter of this year.

The Volt and really all these vehicles are examples of how technology continues to advance rapidly in vehicles. “Now they change stuff in the middle of the year,” Johnson said. If something does go wrong on a vehicle, they are often not “repaired” but “reprogrammed.” Johnson said, “It’s not a parts issue, it’s a software issue. You hook them up to the internet to see what’s wrong with them.”

Dealerships still need salespeople to inform customers about these intricate machines, however, and Vogel Chevrolet added another salesperson during 2014. Hartmann joined Johnson in the showroom in August, bringing 27 years of experience in selling General Motors vehicles with him. Hartmann grew up in Kiel, with Johnson saying, “He’s a great asset to the dealership with all his knowledge and experience.”

Also announced recently is the fact that Wayne Miller—service manager at Vogel Chevrolet for the past 45-plus years—has retired. Kiel resident Joel Noordyk, who has great knowledge and many years of General Motors experience, is the new service manager.