Fire Prevention Week themes over years

Fire Prevention Week has had many themes over its long history, and here are some of them:

1927 Why this Mad Sacrifice to Fire?

1928 FIRE...Do Your Part—Stop This Waste!

1929 FIRE—The Nation’s Greatest

Menace! Do Your Part to Stop This Waste!

1930 Fight Fire Waste with Fire Prevention. Do Your Part

1931 Do Your Part to Prevent Fire 1932-’33 Your Life. Your Property 1934 Now War on Fire

1935 What Would Fire Mean to You? 1936 Stop It

1937 Help Prevent Fires 1938 Is This Your Tomorrow? 1939 Was Somebody Careless? 1940 Keep Fire In Its Place 1941 Defend Against Fire

1942 Today Every Fire Helps Hitler 1943 Fires Fight for the Axis! (to emphasize home fire prevention)

Feed Fighters Not Fires (farm and rural campaign)

The War’s Over for This Plant (industrial use)

Was Somebody Careless? (general purpose)

1944 To Speed Victory—Prevent Fires (general purpose)

Feed Fighters, Not Fires! (farm and rural)

To Speed Victory, Defeat Fire (town plaster)

1945 We Burned the Enemy—Now Save Yourself from Fire

1946 FIRE is the Silent Partner of Inflation

1947 YOU caused 1,700,000 Fires last Year!

1948 Help Yourself to Fire Prevention! 1949 Flameproof Your Future! 1950 Don’t Let Fire Lick You 1951 Defend America From Fire 1952 Be Free From Fear of Fire 1953 Fire Feeds on Careless Deeds 1954 Let’s Grow Up—Not Burn Up 1955 Don’t Give Fire A Place to Start 1957 Make Sure of Their Tomorrows— Don’t Give Fire a Place to Start

1958 Don’t Give Fire a Place to Start 1959 Fire Prevention is Your Job…Too 1966 Fight Fire

1967-1972 Fire Hurts 1973 Help Stop Fire 1974 Things That Burn

1975-76 Learn Not to Burn

1977 Where There’s Smoke, There Should Be a Smoke Alarm

1978 You Are Not Alone!

1979-80 Partners in Fire Prevention

1981 EDITH (Exit Drills In The Home)

1982 Learn Not To Burn—Wherever

You Are

1983 Learn Not To Burn All Through

the Year

1984 Join the Fire Prevention Team

1985 Fire Drills Save Lives at Home at School at Work

1986 Learn Not to Burn: It Really


1987 Play It Safe...Plan Your Escape

1988 A Sound You Can Live With: Test Your Smoke Detector

1989 Big Fires Start Small: Keep Matches and Lighters in the Right Hands

1990 Keep Your Place Firesafe: Hunt for Home Hazards

1991 Fire Won’t Wait...Plan Your Escape

1992 Test Your Detector—It’s Sound Advice!

1993 Get Out, Stay Out: Your Fire Safe Response

1994 Test Your Detector For Life 1995 Watch What You Heat: Prevent

Home Fires!

1996 Let’s Hear It For Fire Safety: Test

Your Detectors!