Pets included in owners’ plans during holiday time

With the holiday season upon us it is time to start shopping, planning, and getting excited for all that much needed family time and love.

Some of the most deserving of this family time are none other than the family pets, of course! The ones who love you unconditionally all year and want to be included in your holiday plans just as much as you want to include them.

TripsWithPets.comrecently polled

pet parents to learn how they intend to include their pets in their holiday plans and traditions, and the results are in.

When it comes to who to spend the holidays with, pets certainly rank. According to the survey, a whopping 85 percent of those polled plan to spend their holidays with their four-legged family members. A large percentage of those, 49 percent to be exact, plan on traveling this holiday season and bringing their pooches with them.

Families plan to include their pets in more than just travels during the holidays. Pets will be a part of many holiday traditions. Nine percent of pet parents polled indicate that their pets will join the family in picking out the Christmas tree, half said their pets will be a part of the holiday greeting card, and 14 percent will take their pet to sit on Santa’s lap and tell them what they want for Christmas.

And gifts they will receive! Nearly 75 percent of respondents plan to buy gifts for their beloved furry family members this year. What is more, 23 percent of pet parents polled said they would even take their pet holiday shopping with them to pet friendly stores.

“The bond between pet parents and pets is incredibly strong, just as any family relationship,” said Kim Salerno, president and founder of“Pets are truly members of the family, bringing so much joy and love to our everyday lives. How can we not share with them the most wonderful time of the year?”