OSTHOFF: Travelers and locals alike can savor the experience
By Mike Mathes
The Osthoff Resort offers its own pond setting but also overlooks Elkhart Lake and makes use of all the recreational opportunities the lake has to offer.
Great opportunities for dining, entertainment and relaxation are all part of The Osthoff Experience, whether you are a traveler, or a local resident.

Whether you are a traveler or a local resident, the Osthoff Resort wants to be “your place on the lake.”

With its blended offerings, casual and elegant dining, a world class spa, amazing events and beautiful settings for weddings, meetings and fun family recreation, the Osthoff offers something for all to enjoy.

And, for those that need that respite or place to stay, the resort offers spacious and beautifully appointed accommodations on the shores of beautiful Elkhart Lake.

Dining opportunities abound through the plentiful restaurant opportunities at The Osthoff Resort.

Offerings vary between several dining choices. The great news for local residents is that all the options are open to guests from the surrounding area, not just those in town for an overnight Osthoff stay.

Otto’s offers three meals

At Otto’s, the Osthoff offers a three-meal restaurant, geared to most casual meal offerings.

Otto’s is the Osthoff Resort’s take on the classic hotel restaurant which offers a wide variety of food to all types of guests.

Breakfast starts the day with great options, including an absolutely delicious baked berry pancake recipe from the Wisconsin Lost Recipe Book.

Lunch brings familiarity with local favorites like cheese curds and bratwurst atop the list. They are accompanied by a fine menu of wraps, sandwiches, soups and salads.

Pork ribeye highlights the evening menu, but many other options are available.

Local tradition abounds throughout the week at Otto’s but becomes even more evident on Friday’s when Otto’s pulls out the stops for its killer perch dinner—complete with homemade German potato salad. You can’t get more local than that!

Walleye is also a regular staple on the menu, another evidence of the local influences in the dining traditions at The Osthoff.

Lake Deck on the beach

In the summer months, the Lake Deck features comfort food on the beach. Think of an outdoor barbecue, and a big cold glass of locally brewed beer, and you can begin to imagine the menu. Brats, burgers, nachos and home made pizzas are all part of the fare. Scoops ice cream from Chilton has been an important offering at the Lake Deck.

The best part of all, though, is that Lake Deck patrons get to enjoy the beach food in the open air—with live music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“Elkhart Lake has grown into a real food-centric destination. That means everyone has stepped up their product offerings,”

Elk Room Lounge

At The Osthoff Resort, the heart of the resort lies in the huge Elk Room, overlooking the main grounds that spill

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