Service, expertise flow like water at Meyer Plumbing
By Mike Mathes
The Meyer Plumbing showroom and service center is located on Ruh Court in Kiel, northeast of the north roundabout. Stop in to see the latest in plumbing fixtures and faucets.

When it comes to the water works in your home or business, Meyer Plumbing is a one stop-shop for plumbing fixtures and services.

Meyer plumbing offers solutions for everything from leaky faucets to major remodeling, construction projects and septic needs.

“We want customers to feel confident that they can call us for any and all plumbing services,” owner Brian Meyer said.

The point is simple. If you have water you’re going to need a plumber some day, some way. “We are here for you,” Meyer added.

All sorts of challenges

Think for a minute. Which of these challenges have happened to you?

n a clogged toilet, and the plunger won’t help;

n a leaky faucet;

n a water stain on a ceiling;

n getting a swizzle stick caught in your disposal at the family Christmas party

n sinks don’t hold water;

n toilets run all hours of the day or night;

n your water smells; n your water is discolored;

n you don’t have hot water; n you have no water at all;

n your water heater sprung a leak; or

n under the worst case scenario, your basement drains are backing up. Any of these sound familiar?

Chances are if you have a home or business structure, you will run into these challenges.

When that happens, Meyer Plumbing is always ready to help.

One call to 894-8444 connects you to the team with over 70 years of combined expertise and experience to relieve your plumbing anxiety.

Design showroom

Tucked away on Ruh Court in Kiel is a resource that many may not be aware of.

At Meyer Plumbing, those who are working through the design and planning phases of remodeling or new construction projects will find a 1,000 sq. ft. plumbing showroom. Fixtures and faucets from leading brands are on display; everything from toilets, shower heads and faucets to the proverbial kitchen sink.

Showroom consultant, Linda Halfmann, has more than 20 years of experi-

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