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surgery, endodontics (root canals), and prosthodontics (dentures).

Dr. Furdek’s extended background will complement Dr. Karls’ experience.

“Greg can bring things to the table I am not currently doing. I am excited about all the new technologies we will be able to offer our Kiel patients,” she said.

Family focus

As he does in the New Holstein Family Dental Clinic, Dr. Furdek sees the new venture into Kiel as an opportunity to continue a strong family dentistry practice.

Dr. Karls, also, has long been deeply involved in treating children’s dental issues. “For some reason, today’s younger parents are enamored with taking their kids to a pedodontist. That’s not necessary. We both treat children and can offer care that saves on cost and the inconvenience of travel,” Dr. Karls said.

Together, the partnering dentists will move forward with a caring set of facilities that won’t look a lot different to the casual observer.

Staffing is expected to remain the same under the new ownership plan.

Practice dates back to 1980

Dr. Karls sees this opportunity to continue quality dental care for the Kiel area community, in a practice which she began in 1980, after her graduation from Marquette.

A lifelong resident of Kiel, she needs no introduction to the community.

“Barb brings the experience and good will of serving this community for many years,” Dr. Furdek said. “She and her practice have been a stable part of Kiel since 1980.”

Throughout her tenure, Dr. Karls has demonstrated her devotion to the Kiel area community. Her husband, Tom, served as the Kiel City Administrator and still operates a business in the downtown Kiel community, CRES Realty.

“Nothing really changes with this transition,” Dr. Karls emphasized. “The great thing is that our patients can enjoy the opportunity to get specialized treatment or schedule a needed appointment only five minutes away instead of having to drive a great distance.”