Playback Movies & Games ever changing
Playback Movies & Games in New Holstein has grown in its first year from having around 4,000 titles when it first opened to over 7,000, and has had 650 families take out memberships in its first 14 months.

If you haven’t been in New Holstein’s Playback Movies & Games in a while, you really should check it out again.

That is the message owner Krystina Sherry is emphasizing as she looks around her store at 2120 Wisconsin Ave. (STH 32/57) and remembers just a little more than one year ago to when she first opened in late January 2015.

“A lot of people were pretty impressed with it that Saturday when I first opened, but almost 14 months later it has really come a long, long way,” she said.

For starters, when Playback opened she had about 4,000 titles in the store— an impressive number to be sure. In a little over a year, however, that number has grown to around 7,000 and gets bigger every week if not every day.

Tuesdays are generally new movie day with new releases hitting the new release wall. Playback Movies & Games has acquired as many as 10 copies (between DVD, Blu-ray, and occasionally 3D) of a single title, a distinct advantage over other local movie outlets which often only have one copy of a title. Plans are in the works to switch to a new movie provider which will increase the number of copies she will have of new releases. She also said the store record for most copies of a single title is sure to be broken next month with the release of the newest “Star Wars” movie.

Special orders done reguarly

Sherry also special orders requested movies and games or purchases used movies and games from customers, so her number of titles can grow almost daily. “I probably special ordered 20 movies just in one recent week,” she said, with some of those being purchased by the customer to own and others ending up on the shelves to be rented or purchased by others. Beginning this month she also is offering a discount on any rental title she does not have in stock—another good reason to place an order.

Customers have come to love the addition of Playback Movies & Games to New Holstein. On almost a daily basis she hears the comments from new and repeat customers: “I’m so happy you’re here.” “I don’t know what we did before you got here.” “You have such a nice, fun store.”

While there are options to rent or watch movies these days, there are even more reasons why a video rental store is desired by consumers. Proof of that lies in the fact that over 650 membership accounts have been opened in a little over a year with more being added daily. With many of those memberships including family members, she estimates around 1,500 people are listed on her member-

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