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Video games and video game accessories are a rapidly growing part of the business. An expansion is currently under way in which children’s movies will move into their own room, allowing the gaming area to have its own large room.

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So what are some of those reasons

why a movie and game store still makes sense? Here are just a few:

n Playback Movies & Games gets new releases before Netflix does.

n People can spend $6.99 or more for an OnDemand rental off their TV. New releases at Playback are $3.49. Get some fresh air and save some money at the same time by checking out Playback.

n How much is your cable TV bill already—$100 per month? $140? Do you really want to tack expensive OnDemand movie rentals on top of that?

n Sherry has seen thousands of movies and knows a lot about thousands more. Customers are often saying they appreciate being able to ask a human what a movie is about, is it OK for kids, did she like it, how scary is it, etc.?

n How many selections are on your cable system or other outlet you are using— 25? 50? A couple hundred? Please see that 7,000 figure listed earlier at Playback.

n You can support the owners/stockholders in far-away places who own cable networks and movie services, or you can support a local, family-owned business—which will it be?

n With everyone’s busy schedule these days, movies come out that people want to see and before they know it they are not only out of theatres but off the TV and movie services—but they are always at Playback Movies & Games. “My dad has yet to see ‘The Last Samurai’ or ‘E. T.’,” Sherry said. “Someday he’ll pull them off my shelf and watch them.”

Memberships at Playback Movies & Games are free unless the member wishes to upgrade to a $20 per year Premium membership. Sherry said many people have started with a free membership and then upgraded after they see the many specials and savings available to Premium members.

Customer from all over area

Sherry also said she has been pleased to see so many people coming in to rent or buy movies or video games from so many different places beyond New Holstein, including the “Holyland” communities, Kiel, Chilton, Elkhart Lake, Valders, Stockbridge, and elsewhere. She encourages people who visit her store to ask her if they do not see something for which they are looking.

Playback Movies & Games is Calumet County’s largest independent movie and video game store. From an entire wall with the latest releases to historic movies such as “Gone With the Wind,” Playback Movies & Games has it.

Even before she opened Playback Movies & Games, Sherry said she intended the business to be at least as heavy into video games as movies, if not more. To that end she is already undergoing an expansion project in which the children’s movie area will move into its own separate room allowing for the expansion of the video gaming area. In addition to video games, Playback also offers new and used equipment and gaming systems for purchase.

“I wasn’t thrilled with what I had to offer in the way of games and equipment when I first opened, but that has come a long way, too,” Sherry said. “I just want to keep getting more and giving customers what they want.”

Classic arcade games also are set up inside Playback to have some more fun, and kids of all ages are using them often. Sherry said she hopes to work with her vendor to continue to upgrade those games.

Playback Movies & Games is continually offering specials, promotions, and contests. Just a couple examples are the recent Oscars predictions contest with the winner receiving free movies for a year, or the person who was surprised with a gift basket upon becoming the store’s 500th member. Will the 750th and/or 1,000th member receive a prize as well? By next year at this time it is likely that will be answered.

Playback Movies & Games is open Tuesdays through Thursdays, noon to 8 p. m.; Fridays and Saturdays, noon to 9 p. m.; and Sundays, noon to 8 p. m. (closed Mondays). For more information call or text 898-1650, check out its Web site at,or follow it on Facebook. Both the Web site and Facebook postings are kept up to date to offer the latest news and specials offered at Playback.