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to make improvements to keep up with what geothermal has to offer. Modulating gas furnaces are one example of that. A modulating furnace will operate in a range from 40 to 100 percent depending on demand.

Fuel prices are down right now which causes consumers to hold off on upgrading heating/cooling systems, especially geothermal systems. But ACG is still there to service all makes and models of existing furnaces, and they are ready to discuss geothermal systems anytime someone wants to—including the anticipated time when fuel prices begin to go back up. Tax incentives remain in place this year for installing geothermal systems. Some people are making that decision now because they also do not like the thought of having combustible gases or liquids pumped into their residences to heat them.

To learn more about geothermal systems or to schedule service or installation of conventional systems, call ACG at 894-3999.