VanDerVart serving area’s concrete needs
By Mark Sherry
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Teresa Schuricht is the new office manager and dispatcher at VanDerVar Concrete Products’ New Holstein location.

One of the many advantages of doing business with VanDerVart Concrete Products is that when a person calls one of its northeast Wisconsin locations, they are talking to a real, live person in that location.

When that call goes to VanDerVart’s New Holstein location at 2216 Calumet Dr. (STH 32/57), the person answering might be Teresa Schuricht, the new office manager and dispatcher there.

Schuricht is one of the newest employees at a business which can trace its roots in New Holstein to 1949 when George Vogel built a ready mix plant in New Holstein and did business under the name Vogel Sand & Gravel.

VanDerVart Concrete Products, however, can trace its history all the way back to 1888 when Zimbal Brick Company was established. John Van Der Vaart purchased that company in 1927, and in 1956 Van Der Vaart purchased Vogel Sand & Gravel and changed the name to Tri-County Ready Mix.

New owner in 2014

Changes to the company have continued to more recent years. In 2014 Chief Executive Officer Rich Lohr bought Van Der Vaart Holding Co. and made a subtle name change, including dropping one “a” and becoming VanDerVart Concrete Products.

In contrast to the new employee at the New Holstein location, Manager Bob Bosma is winding down a career which has lasted 40 years at the facility. He said he has seen a lot of changes in the business and the concrete industry over those years, but the important things which set VanDerVart Concrete Products apart from its competitors have not changed.

“I think the biggest thing is we offer more personal service,” Bosma said. “You call here and you’re talking to someone here.” Bosma classified VanDerVart as a midsize company in the concrete industry and added, “Sometimes when you get too big, you give something up.”

Bosma said he has seen more competition pop up in the concrete products industry, but locally VanDerVart has the advantages of its long history in the area and the experience and connections Bosma and other VanDerVart employees bring to the table. Much of what VanDerVart does is for area contractors, and Bosma has good working relationships with those contractors through his four decades on the job and his active work in organizations such as the Mid-Shores Home Builders, New Holstein Chamber of Commerce, and New Holstein Economic Development Corporation.

Working on DOT projects

VanDerVart also provides concrete for Wisconsin Department of Transportation road projects. Bosma also said about half the company’s business is for the do-ityourselfer. VanDerVart Concrete Products operates from six locations between Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Sheboygan Falls, and New Holstein to properly serve customers’ needs. It sells a wide range of masonry and concrete related products including brick, concrete block, Unilock hardscape products, landscape materials, retaining wall block, fabricated and bulk rebar, steel I-beams, masonry and concrete tools, concrete curing compounds, cleaners, and sealers, decorative concrete coatings, bagged grout and mortar, port-land cement, plaster, foundation coatings, foundation vents and windows, concrete block insulation, sand, gravel and decorative aggregates, glass block, chimney products, fireplace products, and many more.

Bosma said many homeowners are continuing to do backyard improvement projects including outdoor dining and grilling areas, and the concrete products offered by VanDerVart offer durability in Wisconsin weather.

VanDerVart also has the capability of recommending reliable and quality conscious contractors to handle ready-mixed concrete projects with quality and care. It also can recommend numerous contractors to aid in special decorative concrete projects. Whether it is colored, stenciled, stained, or stamped concrete,

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