Henning’s Cheese touts longevity of employees
Henning Family -Back Row: Kert Henning, Kerry Henning, Everett HennIng, Front Row: Mindy Ausloos, Kay Schmitz, Rebekah Henschel.
Cheese production: Ryan Loose (3), Mike Voss (8), Mike Cieslewicz (11), Mike Brockmann (12), Scott Kautzer (4), Mark Krutzik (22), Jon Ott (14), Jim Walber (2)

In 1914, Otto and Norma Henning made a decision to purchase a rural hometown cheese factory, in the heart of America’s Dairyland, near Kiel and devoted their lives to producing quality cheese.

Their son Everett along with his wife Jellane took the factory over in 1963, seeing it through many changes. Everett is still very involved with the factory today. Since then, three of Everett’s children, Kay, Kerry and Kert along with granddaughters Mindy and Rebekah continue the tradition.

Small local family dairy farmers continue to provide Henning’s cheese with a source of quality milk. These farmers pride themselves by pasture feeding their cows along with feeding them a carefully balanced diet of natural grains. Henning’s uses natural, as well as non-animal, ingredients and offers a line of Kosher approved cheeses for your enjoyment.

Nearly a century and three facility upgrades later, Henning’s Cheese still stands as a testament of our family’s commitment to making great quality cheese locally — for national enjoyment. With the help of Henning’s dedicated employees, consistent quality continues to be the company’s biggest source of pride.

The Henning’s Cheese family and employees are pictured at right, along with their years of service.

Over the years, Henning’s Cheese has received many national and world awards including its most recent in 2011—a gold medal for reduced fat farmer’s cheese and silver medal for Aged Peppercorn Cheddar, both in the U. S. Cheeese

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