Packaging: Liz Arnold (7), Cathy Wallander (1), Joanne Diedrich (8), Marge Kaufmann (13), Jill Westermeyer (4), Donna Keyes (5), Donna Schwarz (14), Theresa Gaedke (4), Dianne Christopherson (13)
Retail store: Cathy Artz (10), Katie Schoenborn (3), Karen Mccue (1), Judy Champaign (1)
Truck Drivers: Tom Keller (12), Rod Van Schnydel (16), Ken Tyson (7)

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The Henning’s Cheese store and museum is open Monday through Friday from 7 a. m. to 4 p. m. and Saturdays 8 to noon. Visitors can watch cheese being made till noon. Fresh curds are available Monday thorugh Friday. In addition to award-winning cheeses, the store features wine, beer, ice cream, souvenirs, cheese samples and more.